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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Pearly Penile Papules Removal Review Fordyce granules. Seborrheic cysts scrotum

What Are Pearly Penile Papules

According to conventional wisdom pearly penile papules (Pearly penile papules, pearly papules pearly penile ring) are a variant of the norm, not harmful to health, do not cause any complications, are not transmitted through sexual contact and are a cosmetic fault.

Fordyce granules are variant rules do not cause any discomfort, not sexually transmitted, and are only cosmetic defect. Fordyce granules are also called sebaceous glands, or seborrheic cysts. Causes of sebaceous glands are not specified. As a guess, they are formed due to improper exit ducts of sebaceous glands in the dermis, and the ducts as it were, lost in the layers of the skin, sebaceous continues to accumulate, cancer grow and become visible. Fordyce granules appear at puberty, when testosterone levels are highest, against which the gland increases, and the formation of sebum gets bigger. Cyst Seborrheic shaft of the penis look like small, millet, whitish nodules. Fordyce granules on the skin of the trunk of the penis. The patient is 18 years. Treatment of the young man was not required. Interviewed and an explanation of what the problem is not a disease. The following pictures the patient for 17 years, has addressed to us on the millet rashes on the skin of the penis. On examination, small whitish defined Wen skin of the penis, that is, Fordyce granules. The young man explained unreasonableness of their elimination, since the problem is not a disease and does not require treatment. on the size of the scrotum Fordyce granules may range from small 1 - 2 - 3 mm to 2-3-4 cm large enough and, in rare cases, the scrotum is covered with large, white, with small blood vessels seborrheic cysts. a patient 27 years has addressed to us on the big seborrheic cysts scrotal skin, which appeared and developed 10 years. With the goal of cosmetic plastic sick carried out with the removal of the scrotal skin Wen scrotum.

On examination a year later, the scrotum was completely normal structure, post-surgical scars and no wen the scrotal skin. If you try squeezing cysts scrotum and penis is allocated a small amount of thick white or yellowish greasy contents, and then released from the cyst blood, and then formed a hematoma. There are times when Fordyce granules are inflamed and become bloodshot and painful, as a rule, the inflammation resolves on its own without treatment. recently have noticed that over the age of 30 years granules gradually lose the bulge and become less noticeable, this is due to the fading of testosterone and sebaceous glands, which are activators of growth Fordyce granules. Pearl papules glans penis also called pearly papules, Fordyce granules are kind. Are not pathological and not sexually transmitted. Appear and increase in males during puberty, indicating a less important role of testosterone in their development. Pearly papules are papillary enlargement (hyperplasia) of the skin and glands in the head of the penis. Pearly papules are of the form of small, whitish nodules, which are located in one or several rows around the tip of the penis in the form of a ring. Papules are more pronounced in uncircumcised men. The operation of circumcision is to minimize the appearance of pearly papules percent.

In circumcised men papules on the glans penis is almost never there. Often patients are confused pearly papules heads with genital warts (genital warts) of the penis, but when viewed from an experienced doctor can easily diagnose. a man 19 years old, who turned to We complained of rashes in the head of the penis. On examination, pearly papules oprededeleny penis. Due to the fact that the patient insisted on their removal for cosmetic purposes, the patient was carried out by grinding papules electrocoagulation. After surgery, the skin heads got a sleek look, papules were absent. On examination after six months, recurrent papules pearly crown of the glans penis were observed. same patient before the procedure sanding papules. enlarged prostate glans penis, the patient is 23 years old. At the insistence of the patient to the patient was performed by electrocoagulation resurfacing glands, for cosmetic purposes. Examination one month later, scars and enlarged glands in the head region have been identified.  pearly penile papules removal, the patient is 19 years old. pearly papules glans penis has applied to our patient for 19 years.

Treatment of Fordyce granules, seborrheic cysts
Treatment of sebaceous glands in the shaft of the penis is not required. But sometimes patients want granule formation is not valid, then in such situations is prescribed conservative treatment Retin-A or jojoba oil. These tools prevent the emergence of new grains and fresh cyst removed. Old seborrhea cysts can be treated by electrocoagulation, or removed by laser. Great Wen scrotal skin is necessary to operate, the skin over wen opened, wen extirpate with the capsule, the bleeding stops electrocardiogram, the wound sutured cosmetic material. Typically, these transactions we conduct with no visible effects, scars, etc. We wish you health! For treatment of Fordyce granules, Wen scrotal skin, pearly papules glans ask questions a doctor - andrologist online or by phone listed in the contacts. article prepared by the doctor


  1. Hirsuties coronae glandis (also known as "hirsutoid papillomas"[1] and "pearly penile papules")[1] are small saliences that may form on the ridge of the glans of the human penis. They are a harmless anatomical variation.

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