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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Muscle Gaining Secrets muscle mass and muscle strength

In the first part we talked about the basics of kettlebell training and the fact that in the first four weeks should be trained in the style of 5x5. In the second part will discuss next week Muscle Gaining Secrets training to build muscle mass and overall strength development.

Weeks 5-8: American Volume Training Many American athletes used the American Volume Training, successfully added six pounds of pure muscle. Here's how it works.

Take the burdening of 60% of its maximum odnopovtornogo and do ten sets of ten repetitions. Use the same weight in all ten approaches and do not raise it until you can do ten repetitions of ten in all approaches.

This program is, of course, is very effective, but very tough. Ten sets of ten repetitions of these exercises, like squats or deadlifts, just cause nausea, they "blow up" your muscles during these few weeks.

The disadvantage of this program is that this scheme increases the size of the muscles, but helps to increase strength. In fact, many coaches say that their customers actually become weaker after six weeks of American volume approach. It is unlikely that this is the result you want. Therefore, the scheme 10x5 seems to us more appropriate.

Since you can not gradually increase the weight of the weights, doing with weights, we will work with other factors. Start with ten sets of five reps, and you'll easily cope with this load, go to the chart of the ten sets of six reps, and then 10x7. Once you can do ten sets of eight reps, switch to heavier weights or exercise more difficult and once again return to the ten sets of five repetitions. If the weight of the new weights will be too big for you, 10x2 or 10x3 do, and gradually get to 10x5, and so on.

Use the same kettlebells for all ten approaches, instead of gradually take heavier or lighter weights. Another way the American volume approach is to perform two exercises instead of one. For example, do squats on one leg in five sets of five repetitions, and immediately after the squats with weights on their shoulders in a 5x5.

As a result, you will approach ten. This is a great way to avoid injury due to over training, and to dispel the boredom that can occur if you are constantly doing ten approaches one and the same exercises in training.

Here is a sample program in the style of the American volume approach to kettlebells.

Day 1 .

Squats with weights on your shoulders - 10x5.
Mahi bottom-up, holding the dumbbell with both hands - 10x5.
"Windmill» - 3x5 (first left, then right hand).
Day 2.

Military press with dumbbells - 10x5.
Pull-ups with weights, suspended from the waist with a special belt - 10x5.
"Turkish ascent» - 3x5 (for the first left, then to the right side of the body).
Between workouts give yourself a rest day. In other words, first day - it will be Monday, second day - Wednesday, repeating the first day - Friday.

Weeks 9-12: high-intensity training (HIT).
High-intensity training is one of the most controversial programs. Some people swear that this is the greatest system in the history of bodybuilding training, while others argue that it is a waste of time. As in many other spheres of life, the truth is somewhere in between.

The truth is that high-intensity training, as well as any other system that does not work forever. Many bodybuilders have tried to do in this system and have been amazed at the progress they have made in the first few weeks. They began to believe in what you have found the holy grail of bodybuilding and began to preach about the benefits of high-intensity training to all associates.

Even when they ceased to progress through four to six weeks, they still continued to believe that high intensity training - this is the best system. Unfortunately, their blind loyalty to bring just a result of the training stagnation and frustration. With the right approach, high intensity training works well for about four weeks. After four weeks, your muscles adapt to the load, and it's time to move to another system.

Now we will talk about what constitutes a high-intensity training, and how to apply it to kettlebell training.

In this system, the purpose of training is to perform a number of approaches, usually no more than three, to complete muscular failure. Most coaches insist on the fulfillment of only one approach. A complete muscle failure is the inability to perform at least one more repetition of the approach, no matter what tricks.

Once you have completed this Super-Intensive Approach, you move on to the next exercise. In theory, high-intensity training is considered that the total muscle failure starts the process of muscle growth. Sounds great, does not it? However, this is not the best approach to high-intensity training.

We believe that the implementation of the three approaches nizkopovtornyh and work to the maximum in the latter approach is more efficient. In the first two approaches you how to warm up and prepare the muscles to ensure that all out in the final, third, approach. Also, instead of the full reach muscular failure, use common sense. For example, in the latter approach, simply tune in performing as many repetitions.

Let's say you did seven reps in the last approach. Do you doubt that you can perform at least one more repetition, and decide to stop here. You are close enough to getting to the point of muscular failure, so the next time you can take a heavier weight or simply to make the exercise more difficult. Do not bring themselves to loss of consciousness and risk of injury due to violations of clean technology.

Also, forget about the forced repetition, including the negative, and the like. As Franco Columbu once said: "Forced approaches are best done alone." Simply walk to your limit and stop.

Here is an example of high-intensity training program with weights.


Military press with dumbbells - 3x5.
Pull-ups with weights, suspended from the waist with a special belt - 3x5.
squats with weights on your shoulders - 3x5.
Mahi bottom-up, hold dumbbell in both hands - 3x5.
"Windmill» - 3x5 ( first left, then right hand).


Bench, lying on the floor - 3x5.
traction weights to the belt with both hands in the slope - 3x5.
Squats on one leg, weight on your shoulders - 3x5 (first on left foot, then on the right).
Jerk kettlebell with both hands - 3x5.
"the rise of Turkish »- 3x5 (first for the left side of the trunk, then to the right).

Military Press in the squat - 3x5.
traction weights in both hands to his waist in the slope - 3x5.
squats with weights on your shoulders - 3x5.
Mahi bottom-up, holding the dumbbell with both hands - 3x5.
"Windmill» - 3x5 (first left, then right hand).

In the latter approach, do each exercise as many reps as you can, but be sure to clean equipment. No forced reps. When you can do seven reps on the final approach, the move to heavier weights, or to more difficult exercises.

So now you know what to do, and you have a training plan. It only remains to be patient and ready to work hard hard. If you want to become bigger and stronger training, then begin to engage in the proposed program today. You outstanding results!


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