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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Duke Peterson Vision Without Glasses

Why Sunglasses Are Harmful
Consequently, it is in the external eye muscles need to search the main cause of poor vision. In awfully nice value of these muscles was seen only in terms of their ability to control the movement of the eyes from side to side, up and down. And the fact that they actually cause the eye continuously change their shape, are usually not recognized.

Therefore, all attempts to find the cause of nearsightedness, farsightedness, etc. led to the conclusion that these defects (occurring due to changes in the shape of the eyeball), must have are organic (constant) as a result of exposure to harmful action of the eye conditions, such as poor lighting, artificial lighting, film, television, over-reading, etc.

However, the experiment again and again, it was demonstrated that poor working conditions, etc., can not do damage eyesight. They can only aggravate the already existing trend of visual impairment due to stress and reduced state of the external eye muscles.

So, what is generally regarded as the cause of poor vision, the whole is a secondary factor.
And, therefore, it is assumed that once appeared nearsightedness or farsightedness, there are no funds that could return to normal eyes. All attention is focused on the problem of how to best help the patient overcome his illness with less inconvenience. And selected points.

After selecting a patient suitable glasses, the doctor said that he did everything he could to eliminate conditions that lead to defects of vision, and indeed it is. But the glasses, giving the ability to see through them more clearly than before, and thus pushing the conclusion that the defect is removed, plunge the patient into a state of false satisfaction.

Man naturally thinks that if he can see better, and his eyes must have become better. It was only after he carries spectacles for many years and will be forced to change them more often more severe, he realizes that instead of improving the constant wearing of glasses made her eyes really worse and this deterioration will continue.

What is then the value of the points? At best, they only allow to quickly and easily eliminate consequences of defective vision, but to consider them as constant help visually unacceptable. In order to fully understand this situation clearly, we must understand: if one wearing glasses, the natural process of vision impaired. And instead of free accommodation to a distant and close objects, we have the points with a fixed, immutable accommodation.

As a result of the stress state of the eye muscles (which also violates the right accommodation) is amplified by the fact that because of the eye glasses are always in the same hard, immutable position.
This explains why often the result of wearing glasses vision deteriorates even further: the cause of disease not only persists, but also reinforced and exacerbated by the wearing of these so-called "helpers". At the same time not taking any artificial attempt to change the circumstances that give power to an already tense muscles. Thus, the points themselves are the main cause of the continued strengthening of the position against whom they are directed.

 Duke Peterson Vision Without Glasses Treatment

Once a person with impaired vision learn about the role played by the score, making these often temporary and permanent violations, he immediately feels like to get acquainted with the methods of treatment. But, of course, he feels insecure, if you realize that you have to go through a thorough period of inconvenience to the start of treatment until the time a significant improvement in vision, when you can do Duke Peterson Vision Without Glasses. However, there is no absolute need to give them up immediately after treatment, although the best and fastest results are achieved this way. Many patients who continued to wear glasses for the entire course of treatment, get rid of the defects of vision. They found that they have to be more and more weak points to as the healing process moves forward, until the time came when the goggles were completely unnecessary.

Points can be worn during treatment, but only for the performance of any work, housekeeping, etc. They should be removed during rest and during exercise, and various other provisions that make up the course of treatment. Even if you remove the glasses for only a few hours each day, it will allow your eyes begin to act naturally, and after a couple of weeks of treatment, the patient will be pleasantly surprised by the improvement of his vision: glasses that he wears at this time, apparently became too strong for him, have to get out of the closet older, weaker, with a forgotten past.

Application of new methods of treatment will not interfere in the daily routine of the day. These methods can be used in your spare time at home when convenient. After reading the mainstay of treatment, and instructions for use of its various defects of view, the patient can begin immediately to improve their vision. The reward for the effort will be a gradual and continuous improvement of his condition. Of course, how quickly the process will be improved depends on the degree of visual impairment and the treatment time, because the longer a person wears glasses, the more will it take to relieve the stress caused by wearing them in the eyes and the muscles and nerves associated with the eyes.
However, in most cases, if a natural treatment is carried out correctly and regularly, should be followed by improvement.


  1. Sunglasses or sun glasses are a form of protective eyewear designed primarily to prevent bright sunlight and high-energy visible light from damaging or discomforting the eyes.