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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle - fitness and water.

 Into the open field and they fought with the evil gate of not sparing of his stomach.Not so common in our modern reality, heroes, their stomachs more often.Smoking and alcohol in violation of the metabolism, beer, gives us a very "charming" tummy and puts off the excess fat on the sides, because it nourishes the body female hormones ...

If you have set ourselves the question " how to get rid of the belly , "these factors are out of your life should be excluded.Takes this case seriously? Then think about diet. Of course, physical exercise and give greater benefits. But without a strict diet, the process threatens to take a long time. Will be lost not only time but also our determination to become a depressing lament: "How do you get rid of that belly!"

The choice of diet is diverse. And they all help us to "remove the stomach."

Buckwheat, which delivered us from the feeling of constant hunger.

Rice, hinting that, when it is subject, except for cleansing the body, we can reduce the size and waist.

Kefir - look at Larisa Dolina, even great to sit on a diet!

Well, how to get rid of belly?

Okay, let the diet, but not too harsh!

You're welcome.

Not a very strict diet
Lean on foods containing large amounts of fiber. Grains and cereals, beans, apples, cucumbers, greens, brown rice, zucchini, pumpkin. Sometimes you can use an artificial fiber, adding it to beverages. But, in this case, need to be careful. An overdose can cause problems.

Consuming citrus fruits, especially grapefruit and oranges, and apples and pears, you suddenly notice that the fat in the waist area slowly began to diminish. Thus, we are able to determine how to get rid of the belly. Be sure to eat fruit, and as a separate dish more info about Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle.

If you want to lose weight quickly, then on the sour cream and mayonnaise have to give up. For the salad dressing is better to use corn oil or olive oil.

Along with the problem of "how to get rid of the belly," is another.

How do you get a flat stomach?
Only a "fraction" food, small portions. At least twice a week fish. Once the meat (preferably chicken breast). And what is bad meal in two egg whites and orange? A meal can be replaced with sunflower seeds or nuts. It is important to measure not more than 50 grams a day.

And where will without water? No amplitude and syudy!

Another recommendation for those who aspire to the ideal figure. Melt water to drink. In general, the role of water in the process of metabolism in the human body can not be overestimated. The properties of melt water to clean the lymph and eliminate excess fat, certainly accelerates the process of losing weight.

For melt-water, it can be frozen in the refrigerator in a plastic container. Then - thawed. More than a liter cooking is not necessary. During the day time to time to drink two or three sips.

For serious work on themselves, the question of "how to get rid of the belly" very soon cease to be relevant for you.


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