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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Anabolic Cooking - Dietary Supplements anabolic direction

 Testosterone and its analogues possess anabolic activity . Using these relations as medical anabolic substances interfere, but their marked effect androgenic . In this regard, the new connection is close to the steroid structure to androgen , but the choicest possession of anabolic activity were synthesized in Just noticeable androgenic effect. These links are called anabolic steroids.

The most typical property of anabolic steroids - their ability to stimulate the synthesis of fiber in the body. They have a positive effect on nitrogen metabolism, nitrogen retention, call the body and reduce the distribution of urea by the kidneys. There is also a delay in the distribution of fibers required for the synthesis of potassium , sulfur and phosphorus. Anabolic advance preparation and the installation of calcium in the bones. Clinical effects of anabolic steroids show an increase in appetite, weight gain, improvement of general conditions, the acceleration of bone calcification (in osteoporosis ).

To achieve the effect of anabolic preparations at the same time, a person must receive adequate amounts of fiber, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals from food. The preparations belonging to a group of anabolic steroids to give a different force and effect of anabolic steroid duration. They also differ in the relative activity of androgen .

For dietary supplements with a predominantly anabolic cooking effect include supplements based on plant steroids Rhaponticum carthamoides, saponins, flavonoids and alkaloids Tribunals terrestrials , foods containing synthetic derivatives of iso flavone, and some others.

Ecdysteroids have long proven to be effective anabolic agents, nonsteroidal structure (plastic substrates), used in sports. However, commercially available medications often contain ecdysterone insufficient treatment is not excluded and the likelihood of fraud. Ecdysten (the drug) and JD from Rhaponticum carthamoides long been known (Russian Elton, Leveton and others, Ukrainian and Uzbek Ecdysten), worked well.

Ecdysten (in Ukraine is registered as a dietary supplement) is a natural compound steroid structure derived from plants that are widely used in folk medicine - rapontikuma saflorovidnogo (synonym: Rhaponticum carthamoides) - Rhaponticum carthamoidis (Wild) Jilin (synonym: Leuzea carthamoidis DC) n zhivuchki Turkestan - Ajuga turkestanica (Rgl.) Brig., growing in Central Asia. Chemical properties and pharmacological action Ecdysten studied Japanese, Uzbek and Russian scholars. On chemical structure similar to fitosteroid insect molting hormone. Also in the rhizomes Phytoecdysteroids Ecdysten Rhaponticum contain organic acids, resins, essential oils, tannins and dyes, alkaloids, vitamins, carotene, inulin, and others.

The research results indicate that anabolic supplement Ecdysten is low-toxic, has a broad spectrum of biological action. In his introduction into the body indicated a pronounced tonic and tonic effects. The drug increases the adaptive capacity of an organism in relation to stressful environmental factors, and improves the dynamic performance. Tonic effect on the Ecdysten exceeds the widely used drug for this purpose Saparal (sum of triterpene glycosides from Aralia Manchu ).
An important factor in the mechanism of action Ecdysten is its ability to activate the processes of protein biosynthesis in pazlichnyh organs and tissues similar to the known steroidal anabolic drug ( methandrostenolone , nandrolone ). However, having a fundamentally different mechanism for the anabolic actions Ecdysten, unlike anabolic androgenic steroids, does not have the inherent hormonal effects: androgenic, timoliticheskim, antigonadotropnym, etc., often make it difficult to use these drugs, especially among women and children. In addition to protein metabolism, Ecdysten also has a positive effect on carbohydrate-phosphorus and lipid metabolism. Under his influence, and accumulation in organs and tissues glycogen and energy-rich phosphate compounds ( ATP and creatine phosphate), there is a clear and gipoholesterolemichesky гипотриацилглицеролемический effect.

In all cases, the drug was not observed any side effects. When used in the practice of athletic training at the Ecdysten observed rather pronounced tonic effect on the body, especially in athletes during intense training loads. And when tested on 90% of the athletes received Ecdysten (there were 112 people) reported a more rapid disappearance of fatigue, apathy, improving the portability of loads in such sports as athletics (jumping, running middle distance), swimming, figure skating skating, speed skating, cross country skiing. In some cases, when there was a need for a significant increase in the dose Ecdysten (observation of athletes - thrower and weightlifting, where the drug was used at a dose of 100 mg per day), its positive specific effect was not accompanied by any toxic effects.

In all experiments, clinical and laboratory studies confirmed the increase in body weight, hemoglobin and red blood cells, elevated levels of total protein in serum, lower concentrations of urea. In anthropometric studies of persons who repeatedly took Ecdysten, marked anabolic effect of the drug, which is reflected in the increase in muscle mass with a slight decrease in total and subcutaneous fat.

Ecdysten is also effective in the practice of medical-biological correction of sporting activities, especially in cases where it is necessary to improve the speed and power quality and increase the functional state of the musculoskeletal system. Application Ecdysten athletes does not contradict the requirements of anti-doping control since, unlike anabolic steroid drugs belonging to the List of prohibited substances and methods, Ecdysten, exerting an anabolic effect, does not exhibit the characteristic for these hormonal effects


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